Baladin Isaac beer (Cork closure) 75cl

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Baladin Isaac beer is a hay-yellow blanche, with a slightly hazy and cloudy appearance and a moderate, fine head. The scents are pleasantly citrusy and subtle aromas of spices gradually intensify as the beer becomes warmer.
When sipped, it releases a beautiful harmony of cereals and citrus fruits, which mix and blend creating a delicate flowery and spicy balance. The finish is slightly herbaceous and leaves a faint, yet tantalizing peppery note in the mouth.

Water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat, mix of spices and citrus zest in variable proportions,
hops, sugar, yeast.
Alcohol: 5%
Service Temperature : 8-10 °C

Delicate cooked fish, maybe with a touch of spices, white meat, soft cheese, mozzarella.

Baladin Isaac beer is a 100% ITALIAN CRAFT BEER

The Baladin farm brewery was originally created in 1996 as a brewpub (production and bar) in Piozzo – a small village in the Langhe area in the province of Cuneo – by its founder and master brewer Teo Musso. Throughout its evolution, it has moved several times following the changes in its production needs: from a few square meters stolen from the pub, to the larger space in Teo’s parents chicken coop, to the current modern and wide facility at the Baladin Open Garden. All the places that have hosted the brewery have on thing in common: the production area is an open space that welcomes people and tells a story.

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