Amaro Baladin – Baladin (50cl) Piedmont

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A herbal liqueur – amaro – based on Xyauyù, a beer with complex and elegant oxidative notes, no carbonation and no head. A mix of botanicals is added, including gentian root and lavender. The exciting scent is a complex mix of aromas, with a flowery note of lavender that stands out. The rich taste is characterized by the woody bitterness of the gentian root.
The story
Once again, Teo’s restlessness is the origin of this project. Sitting on his terrace on a summer night, gazing at the sunset on the Langhe hills, he pours himself a glass of Beermouth, the vermouth made with Baladin beer. His mind races to the moment when he came up with the idea for an innovative drink that takes inspiration from tradition.

He loses himself in the rich aromas, where bitterness is just a necessary component to find the right
balance. His house is always full of spices, so here’s another idea: emphasizing the bitterness to create a new recipe for an amaro. He immediately tests his intuition. That same night, he adds some gentian root to his Beermouth and leaves it to infuse for one day. He’s happy with the result: it’s the right bitterness, it’s intense and woody. It’s just a starting point, but he’s chosen his direction. With the staff of the brewery, he rewrites the
recipe removing several botanicals, including absinthe, and adding lavender, which perfectly counterbalances the intense bitterness of the gentian root with its flowery notes.
The result is Amaro Baladin.

Alcohol = 20% ABV

Service Temperature = 10/12°C
Amaro Baladin, our beer-digestif, is perfect at the end of the meal and, due to its richness of aroma, it’s also ideal in mixology.

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