White Cabbage approx 1.8kg (each)


White Cabbage approx 1.5kg

Cabbages are considered typical winter vegetables, but this variety is cultivable in all seasons. You can enjoy it raw during the Summer months and cooked during the colder months. The white cabbage belongs to the cruciferous family, so called due to the presence of flowers with four petals arranged in a cross shape.

These vegetables are rich in beneficial substances for our health, which should become an integral part of our daily diet.  Among the most important characteristics of cabbage stand out the anti-inflammatory properties that make it a food that can prevent and alleviate the pathologies related to inflammatory processes.

It is a functional food, a Superfood with very powerful antioxidant action.

It can be the protagonist of unique dishes such as bean soups or can be eaten in salad, combined with slices of orange.

How can you try it?

Insalata Tirolese: cabbage and speck: it is prepared in 10 minutes and to get its special taste, you have to let it rest at least a few hours, even better if you prepare it the day before.

Sautéed cabbage: If you have never prepared cabbage and don’t know how to cook white cabbage, stewed cabbage can be a great recipe to start getting comfortable with this vegetable.

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