Rainbow Carrots 700g


Rainbow Carrots are varieties obtained by hybridization (they are not “GMO”). Purple carrots have a high content of blue-violet pigments, anthocyanins, which are part of the flavonoids, substances that stimulate the immune system, helping prevention in the formation of tumors and cardiovascular diseases.

The yellow carrots contain luteuna, a substance that protects the retina of the eyes against the harmful effects of sunlight and UV rays.

The orange carrot has very high levels of beta carotene, which owes its name to the carrot, and lutein, essential for the health of the skin and eyes.

The use of rainbow carrots is very common in Italian cuisine that sees its consumption raw, alone or in salads mixed with seasonal vegetables. It is always recommended to season with extra virgin olive oil. The oil allows a better absorption and transport of the substances present in the carrot.

Cooked heritage carrots can be added to mixed vegetable soups or prepared in cream and stuffed for savory pies.

Initially carrots were of different colors and the oldest is purple carrot. Only since 1500 has the orange carrot spread that we all know and consume nowadays; it was created in honor of the noble Orange family in Holland and since then its distribution and fame has surpassed all other colored carrots.

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