Fiolaro Broccolo – Each


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Fiolaro Broccolo – Each

The Fiolaro broccolo of Creazzo is a variety of broccoli (family of Cruciferae or Brassicaceae) included in the list of typical Venetian products, grown on the hills around Creazzo in the province of Vicenza. Once food of the poor, today appreciated for its food properties

The name comes from the presence along the stem of inflorescences that in dialect are called fioi or sons. Broccoli is harvested from November to February.

The cultivation of this vegetable dates back to the ancient Romans: Catone il Vecchio speaks about it recognizing its medicinal properties.

Fiolaro can be used in different recipes: pizza, pasta, as a condiment for a good risotto, a savory cake, lasagna in the oven, or in omelette. Or simply served as a side dish.

Some tips for cleaning and cooking:

The central tuft made of small leaves and thinner stems, is to be kept whole. As you remove the leaves put them to wash, use the kitchen sink, if they seem very dirty change the water a couple of times.

Boil unsalted water in a large pot.
When you have finished cleaning the broccoli, blanch it for no more than 8/10 minutes.

Here a tasty recipe with the Fiolaro


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