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Curly Kale is a cabbage cultivar belonging to the acephala group. The common name comes from the curly appearance of its leaves.

Kale is considered a real superfood. The presence of a high and varied amount of antioxidants makes kale a food with a marked anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kale is a very low-calorie food: it only contains 49 kcal per 100 grams! A full of well-being and energy for every type of diet.

It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin K, carotenoids, quercitin, manganese, vitamins B, fiber, calcium and potassium.

A winter vegetable that is also a real panacea for the body,

You can create different recipes because the Kale is consumed both raw and cooked.

You can cook the curly kale sauteed in a pan with garlic, oil and chili as you do with broccoli. Or, put it in the oven filling it like a veg roll. But even steaming is well suited to preparations with the Kale.

You can also try making salads with raw Kale and cut into thin strips. You can combine it with cheese, other vegetables and spices. The spices that best suit kale are curry and turmeric. With the Kale smoothie you can also prepare a pesto or an original hummus to enrich your bruschetta.

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