Black Fire Tomatoes 300g


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Black Fire Tomatoes 300g

The black tomato variety Sun Black does not come from GMOs, because it was obtained from the classic cross-breeding between seeds. It has very interesting nutritional properties. This tomato is in fact particularly rich in anthocyanins, substances with a strong antioxidant power.

Black skin rich in anthocyanins and red pulp, rich in lycopene: a concentrate of well-being in a single food.

It is a hybrid, obtained from the combination of tomato seeds and those of dark-skinned fruits such as grapes or blueberries, very resistant and with numerous beneficial properties.

Black Fire tomatoes, in fact, are real superfood. A concentrate of beneficial substances, which contains nutraceutical properties of both tomatoes and dark-skinned fruits such as blueberry and grapes, able to counteract various diseases and protect our body from aging and oxidative stress.

These are not genetically modified organisms, but simply the result of a hybridization that has given rise to a true elixir of youth and health, thanks to the high content of lycopene and anthocyanins.

Black tomatoes are characterized by their much stronger and more intense flavor than red tomatoes, with a reduced sweetness that leaves room for a more astringent taste, due to the high presence of tannins contained in anthocyanins

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