Hazelnut Coated Chocolate Colomba 1kg – La Perla

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Naturally leavened oven-baked hazelnut colomba with the intense aromas of cocoa powder and creamy chocolate drops, covered in a light hazelnut and almond frosting.

The Colomba is the Easter dessert par excellence, made with top quality ingredients and through a slow natural leavening, which respects tradition.

Hazelnut colomba is also perfect for your afternoon tea

1992 is the year when La Perla di Torino’s story begins thanks to the ability to turn limits into opportunities. When its founder Sergio Arzilli, grown up in his family’s pastry laboratory, finds out to be celiac, he begins to study the art of chocolate making. Without losing the teachings he received, he starts treading a path that will lead him to successfully create a company that today represents the excellence of Italian chocolate.

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