Gorzano Pecorino Cheese Vac Pac 250g*

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Gorzano Pecorino Cheese 250g*

The “Gorzano” is an excellent and complete cheese with a great taste and flavor, thanks to the ancient recipe still used to make it. Its palatability is enhanced by the presence of a sweet curd which stands out the right spiciness without altering the taste buds too. Externally it presents a light brown crust. It’s a cooked cheese with a crumbly straw-yellow paste with small holes. Optimal maturation from 6 Months. You might serve at room temperature with good toasted bread. Also you might taste it with a dry and persistence red wine. If served with walnuts or jam you will create an optimal balance of flavors and aromas. Also recommended the combination of cheese with broad beans

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Gorzano Pecorino Cheese 250g*

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