Chinotto – Polara 6 x 27,5cl bottles

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Chinotto – Polara 6 x 27,5cl bottles

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Description: Chinotto is a soft drink, made with natural extract from bitter oranges (Citrus myrtifolia), and other natural flavours. A italian dark soft drink, which looks a little like Cola, chinotto has a more bitter flavour, though it also has a particularly fresh aftertaste. This drink is made to the traditional Polara recipe, using the natural extract from an ancient oriental citrus, the Polara Chinotto Ancient Recipe releases a full-bodied, pleasingly sour tart flavour. Serve at any time of day, at any time during the meal, the chinotto of yesterday is back on the market as the beverage of gourmets, one of the most popular drinks for connoisseurs of Made in Sicily. Also great for aperitifs or as a base for cocktails, giving them a superior refreshing flavor as summer approaches. Its elegant glass bottle and rather old-fashioned label in practical 20 and 27.5 cl formats make it a unique vintage drink perfect for the most refined tables, as well as for wine bars and more elegant, traditional bars, not to mention the special flavors it derives from the traditional recipes. This tasty, classy drink is suitable for hotels, restaurants, farmstay accommodation and anywhere else where tradition and aesthetic taste play an important role.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Carbon dioxide, Natural favorings , Natural Chinotto extract (0,5%), Acidifying: Citric acid, Orthophosphoric acid, Colouring: E150d, Preservatives: Sodium benzoate.


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