Friselle di Altamura Oropan Wholemeal 350g


Organic Apulian Friselle (100g)

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Friselle di Altamura Oropan Wholemeal 350g

Friselle made with wholemeal flour. Made with Sunflower oil that is rich in omega 3 oils and high in fibre these Friselle Integrale make a delicious snack with chopped tomatoes.

Oropan is a leading company in the production of gourmet breads from the Apulian tradition.

Founded by Vito Forte, one of the most famous bakers of Altamura since 1956, the company spreads the rich gastronomic heritage in the art of traditional bakery characterized by the use of the precious semolina of durum wheat, Sourdough and natural leavening for 12 hours.

Whether you’re looking for an aperitivo, a snack or even lunch, friselle is a solution to all.

To eat it according to a traditional recipe, you just need  a good extra virgin olive oil, water, salt, tomato and oregano. After the contact with water and ingredients, the frisella becomes softer – while remaining crunchy – and it begins to emanate an irresistible scent.

But for its nature, frisella is versatile and therefore can be prepared in any way. You wet it in cold water and then season it with your favorite ingredients.

Originally it was the food that fed the sailors: this because it was resistant to travel and time. Being already dry at the start it could not become so with the passing of days.

For this reason friselle were the snack of the Crociati, during their long journeys, and fishermen during fishing trips, which could last several days.

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