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Courgette Flowers (1 punnet)

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There are 2 types of courgette flowers, those with the small vegetable attached is the female, and the flower on the long stalk is the male.

The season starts in Spring and ends late in Summer.

Store the flowers in a sealed food bag in the vegetable drawer of the fridge and eat within 3/4 days.

Stuff courgette flowers with mozzarella and anchovies, dip in light batter and deep-fry, or toss in olive oil until just wilted o use for an amazing risotto. An alternative to the anchovies is the Mortadella. Otherwise try our recipe Cod stuffed fiori di zucca.

Do not miss the Pies made with zucchini flowers and courgette. These should be cut, sautéed in a pan with the courgette and then used with ricotta cheese or crescenza as filled for the quiche. Also among the main courses there are many recipes based on this ingredient; such as tagliatelle with flowers, shallots, fresh parsley and saffron.

You can also use them on of Pinsa or pizza. Another amazing dish made with this ingredient is the focaccia with stracchino and anchovies.

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