Mini Truffle Salami 180g* – Salcis

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Mini Truffle Salami 180g*

Made with pork meat which is minced, seasoned and stuffed in natural or specially made casings. The maturing process allows the flavours to infuse and create its unique taste

Its savory and aromatic taste makes it essential to enrich the flavor of the classic “cutting board” or to fill sandwiches and focaccia with an ingredient of excellent quality.

Salcis have been making salami since 1941.
It is with the attention to the selection of the raw material that are produced all the salami of the Tuscan tradition.

The meat comes exclusively from certified Tuscan farms, which also provide the meat of excellence of cinta and gray pork.

This truffle salami salami is really easy to slice with a knife and is perfect for an early evening snack with a nice glass of wine.

Gluten Free and Dairy Free

INGREDIENTS: Pork meat, salt, sugars (dextrose, sucrose), truffle, spices, natural aroma, antioxidants, preservatives.

Salcis used the best parts of the shoulder, lard and bacon to produce it. The meat is ground and kneaded with the lard cubes together with salt and spices. It is then stuffed in natural casing and matured in refrigerated cells at controlled temperature and humidity


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