Sliced Mortadella 140g – Bonfanti


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Sliced Mortadella 100g – Rosa dell’Angelo

Ingredients :Italian pork meat, salt, pepper, natural flavouring, anioxidant: sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite.

“The more popular a cold meat is, the more care and attention it is deemed to merit. For us this means above all only meat from pigs and only of top quality. We use 70% of finely minced lean meat and 30% of cubed fat, with flavourings, salt and pepper. We do not utilise less prized parts, pig tripe or polyphosphates. For a better result, we encase it, as dictated by tradition, in large sizes from 25 kg upwards, which we bind by hand and cook for long times (at least 20 hours) in dry-air ovens. On cutting, our mortadella is fragrant and smoot”

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