Sliced Coppa 80g – DOK DALL’AVA

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Sliced Coppa 80g – DOK DALL’AVA

Ingredients: Pork meat 97%, Salt, dextrose, spices, preservatives: E252, aromas

The production of the Coppa dates back to Roman times. It is one of the most noble part of the pork: the back of the neck, lean meat with fat veins. The part is spiced and rolled as it is. The product has a soft taste, persistent on the palate; the scent is delicate and very characteristic. The Coppa has a homogeneous flesh, not excessively fat, of a basically uniform and persistent color, red in the lean part and more tending to rosy in the fat part.

Consume the Sliced Coppa within 1 day from the opening in order to enjoy it at its best.

Allergens free

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