Nduja di Spilinga 500g – Sapsalumi


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Nduja di Spilinga 500g

Nduja is a soft, spicy hot, spreadable salami considered one of the most exclusive charcuterie products of Calabria. Intense flavour, ideal for spreading or for preparing pasta sauces.

INGREDIENTS Belly and cheek pork meat, Calabria´s chillies, salt, with no preservatives.

Open the package and leave at room temperature for about 15 minutes. Remove the outer casing

About SAP:

‘Artisan Salumificio F.lli Pugliese represents the continuity of the history of a family since the ’30s. anni ’30.
Also known by the acronym SAP, the company works with commitment and passion in the meat and cured meats sector, always dealing with the production of the famous’ Nduja of Spilinga and the processing of chilli peppers, carefully taking care of the various drying stages. The main objective of the company is to keep the Calabrian food tradition alive and unchanged over time with a constant and classic processing and maturing process which, in compliance with current regulations on quality certification, guarantees the unmistakable flavor that has always distinguished the typical cured meats of our area.
Salumificio F.lli Pugliese was born in Calimera Calabra, a small village near Vibo Valentia.
In perfect balance between a splendid green plain and the mountain territory dominated by Monte Poro. The choice of controlled and guaranteed meats and the constant use of Calabrian red chilli, mostly grown with care in the same family plots, and of course the meticulous respect for typical traditional recipes, makes the SAP company sales point, a popular destination for all those looking for the typical taste and finesse of Calabrian cured meats. The choice of controlled and guaranteed meats and the constant use of Calabrian red pepper.

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