Guanciale (Pork cheek) 1.9kg

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Guanciale (Pork cheek)

Guanciale is an Italian dry cured pork meat product prepared from pork jowl or cheeks coated in black pepper.

A delicious meat to use in sauces, pasta dishes or eaten in thin slices on its own.

It is often confused with the Pancetta but the substantial difference between the these two comes, first of all, from the different cuts of meat.

The pancetta is obtained from the belly part of the animal, while the guanciale is obtained from the pig’s cheek and partly also from the throat and neck.

Compared topancetta, it tastes much more strong and wild

Hardly this product is eaten alone, even if it is excellent combined with a slice of bread or as a filling for sandwiches, focaccia or tigelle. It is generally used to give that extra touch in soups, sauces and other recipes.

In the kitchen it can be used in many ways, even in place of lard and bacon for example, as it is a very versatile ingredient that lends itself very well to the preparation of different recipes.

It is one of the indispensable ingredients (with the pecorino romano) for the preparation of different dishes, including Carbonara , Amatriciana or Gricia.



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