P.D.O. Finocchiona Toscana 500g – Gelli


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Finocchiona Toscana 500g – Gelli

Selected national pork meat, seasoned with added garlic, fat and wild fennel seeds.
Characteristics of the Finocchiona Toscana: pinkish with a softer consistency,it is a typical Tuscan salami with the added aroma and flavour from the wild fennel seeds which combine perfectly with the other ingredients. It is a traditional Tuscan starter and a perfect accompaniment to mushrooms preserved in oil, olives and Tuscan “crostini”

INGREDIENTS Pork meat, garlic, fennel.

The origin of this salami dates back to the Middle Ages, when the norcini to make up for the use of the rarest and most expensive pepper, they thought to add to the dough what Mother Nature made available in the fields and on the Tuscan hills: fennel seeds.

This is how Finocchiona was born, which, over the following centuries, was even more appreciated and loved, becoming the ‘queen’ of the noble tables and the most popular taverns in Tuscany.

In the fifteenth century, even Niccolò Machiavelli was a great admirer of this sausage, so much so as to never miss it during meals.

From salami protagonist of platters and sandwiches to unique and particular ingredient capable of enhancing many dishes, from appetizer to dessert

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