Fresh Sage 80g


Sage, well known and used in the kitchen to flavor dishes, is also known as a remedy in folk medicine for its properties: anti-inflammatory,
antiseptic, digestive, diuretic, healing.

The intense aroma of these leaves lends itself perfectly to seasoning different foods with a not predominant flavor such as, for example, potatoes: a dish of these tubers steamed and seasoned with oil and salt, a few leaves will give a touch of flavor.

In the same way, it goes well with baked or steamed pumpkin, whose sweetness is incredibly enhanced. Try it with lentils, beets, aubergines or spinach.

Many, then, are the recipes with sage that can be made. A delicious appetizer are the fried sage rolls, stuffed with potato cream: excellent as finger food or the fried leaves, they are ideal to serve at a buffet. This aromatic plant is also perfect for preparing delicious pasta dishes such as our pappardelle with sage pesto and hazelnuts or a meat dish aromatic and delicious like pumpkin and chickpeas meatballs.

In the kitchen it must be used in a controlled way because it contains a substance, the thujone, and also the camphor, considered neurotoxic if ingested in high doses.

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