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Gluten Free Maccheroni

The dough, composed by corn (70%) and rice (30%) is mixed in a special box and at room temperature and once it has reached the desired cut, the products are brought into the driers.

Drying also takes place at room temperature for a very long time, approximately 48 hours.

The production of this pasta, from dough to packaging is meticulously followed by our women who for years, step by step and manually, take care of every detail to give our products that extra feature: an artisanal production made almost entirely by hand.

The “Pastificio Caponi” is a Tuscan handmade pasta factory that produces dried pasta since 1953.

Cooking time: 8 – 9 minutes

Dressing: The Gluten Free Maccheroni are good with sauces of meet, like beef, pork, sausage or vegetable.

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The meticulous research of raw materials higher quality has always been the basis of Caponi policy.


Average nutrional values for 100g of products
EnergykJ 1476 kcal 348
Fatg  1,3
Of which saturatesg  0,3
Carbohydrateg  76,6
Of which sugarsg  0,2
Proteing 6,6
Salt*g  0,93
*The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium


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