Classic Amaretti Metal box Antica Amaretteria 150g


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Classic Amaretti Metal box 150g

Classy and colourful these soft amaretti in metal boxes are the perfect gift for those who are searching for a high quality artisanal and beautiful product: after the palate, you should also please the eyes and Barbero knows it! And they are gluten free too!

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, armelline (min 20%), ALMONDS (min 20%), EGG WHITE

It seems that the Classic Amaretti made their appearance in Italy during the XVII century, at the same time as the increased availability of sugar, a fundamental ingredient for their preparation.

Francesco Moriondo, confectioner at the court of Savoy who, moved to Mombaruzzo, around the end of 1700 created his first Amaretti made of almonds, sugar and armelline that were immediately successful and appreciated.

For more than 80 years Luigi, his family and Massimiliano have contributed to hand down and make famous one of the most prestigious and ancient brands of amaretti of Mombaruzzo.

Maintaining the consolidated traditions, today they give continuity to their production completely manual, genuine and with the maximum care in the choice of the raw materials.

From their experience was born Antica Amaretteria, an artisan factory specialized in the production of quality biscuits.

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