Truffle Crisps 120g – Fox


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Truffle Crisps 120g – Fox

This amazing snack comes from selected potatoes, thinly cut and cooked with skill to get the perfect crispness. But what really makes them unique is their truffle coating. The truffle, known as the “diamond of the kitchen,” is one of the most sought after delicacies in the world, with its unmistakable flavor. The taste of truffle blends harmoniously with the touch of sea salt.

Each bite offers an extraordinary flavor’s experience. These chips are a real treat for truffle lovers, but also for those looking for a unique gourmet experience. They are ideal to accompany a classy aperitif, to add a touch of luxury to a special dinner or simply to satisfy a desire for extraordinary flavor.

Perfect combinations? High quality cocktails such as Gin Flower, Negroni or Milano spitz. These cocktails go perfectly with the luxury of truffle crisps. Do you really want to exaggerate? try matching truffle chips with fresh oysters. The contrast between the sea and the land will create a unique and sophisticated flavor combination! Whether you serve her on special occasions, during a gala aperitif or in moments of pure relaxation with friends, truffle chips give a touch of class that makes every occasion even more extraordinary.

Ingredients: Potatoes 66.1%, sunflower seed oil 27.9%, truffle seasoning and sea salt (rice flour, sea salt 0.8%, flavorings, summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt. 0.01%), herbal extract)

It may contain: Eggs and egg products, Soya and derivatives, Milk and milk products, Mustard and mustard products, Celery and products of celery

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