Black and white chocolate truffle (260g)

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Black and white chocolate truffle (260g) Blanghe

From the fortuitous encounter between Cocoa and Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts from Piedmont, these Truffles were born. The two main ingredients in the Piedmont confectionery tradition are blended to a silky paste, then shaped to resemble the highly prized mushroom from which this chocolate takes its name. It is easy to let yourself be transported by the aroma of the toasted, finely chopped hazelnut and thus discover the natural richness of the territory, its woods and the precious gifts which are born there. With the patience of old (like that of today’s truffle-hunters who, in keeping with the ancient legend, follow the moonlight to find underground troves of those precious mushrooms) at B.Langhe the Cocoa and Hazelnuts are blended according to a carefully researched method, and that paste, which makes their Truffles unique, is left to rest for a whole night. The following morning, skilful hands shape and cut these chocolates one by one.

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