Pesto Genovese 85g – Rossi 1947


Pesto Genovese (85g)

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Pesto Genovese (85g)

INGREDIENTS: Italian extra virgin olive oil, Genoese basil DOP 26%, parmigiano reggiano DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), pine nut, “Fiore Sardo” DOP (MILK, salt, RENNET), vegetable fiber, LACTOSE, salt, garlic. Acidify agent: citric acid, antioxidant: acid ascorbic.

This Pesto Genovese by Rossi 1947 is a tasty sauce, perfect to dress a cold potato and green beans salad, or to combine with fish dishes.
The possibility to keep it for several months in the pantry makes it the ideal comfort food, always available for any of your Pesto Genovese cravings.

The link with the territory and the “savoir faire” handed down from generation to generation is the secret of this pesto. The recipe is the same as always, respecting tradition, what changes is only the balance between the ingredients to make storage easier and longer.

Today Pesto is the second most used sauce in the world to season pasta, and the third for the spread of production. Perfect with trofiette or croxetti.

Store in a fresh and dry place. To be consumed within 3 days from the opening.

Gluten Free

Valore energetico2709 Kj
630 Kcal
di cui zuccheri
4,2 g
0 g
di cui saturi
62 g
20 g
Proteine7,4 g
Sale0,38 g

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