Organic tomato sauce (Pomodoro Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto) – 260 Best Before 08/24

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Organic Passata di Pomodoro Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto – 260g

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Organic Tomato Sauce (Pomodoro Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto) – 260g

INGREDIENTS: Fiachetto di Torre Guaceto tomatoes

This tomato passata has a bright red color, is juicy, with a sweet taste and medium consistency.

The cultivation of Pomodoro Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto of the Calemone company takes place only with the organic method, almost 50 meters above sea level, in the Torre Guaceto Reserve, located in the municipality of Carovigno, in the province of Brindisi. The climate is Mediterranean, therefore very temperate; the soils are of alluvial origin and have good drainage and fertility.

Harvesting takes place manually, in summer, starting from June. The tomato, just harvested, in a few hours is first seared, then passed into the press machine, bottled and finally pasteurized without the addition of preservatives.

Store the Organic Tomato Sauce in a cool, dry place. After opening, refrigerate.

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