Grissini Rustici Casa Vecchio Mulino 250g


Olive Oil Grissini Vecchio Mulino 150g

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Grissini Rustici Casa Vecchio Mulino 250g

Made in Piedmont at the Casa Vecchio Mulino, these grissini are simply made with natural ingredients, finished with coarse salt. Larger than usual grissini, they’re great on their own, as part of an aperitivo or antipasti platter, or to serve with cheese and charcuterie.

Vecchio Mulino is a small family-run artisan company where breadsticks and Lingue Piemontesi have been produced for four generations.

‘The noble origins of grissini – Italian for breadsticks – are linked to the Piedmont region of Italy and to the House of Savoy

The noble origins of grissini – Italian for breadsticks – are found in the so-called Robatà, term that comes from the local dialect and means rolled. Made only of flour and water, their shape is still given by hand resulting in bigger and knobby sticks, whose texture is quite hard.

Over time, some bakery opted for flatting breadsticks rather than rolling, obtaining a much crispier product (in Italian “grissini stirati“).

Nowadays, and especially in Alba’s bakeries, it is common to find breadsticks made with olive oil and passed in corn flour. While the exterior rough surface adds more crunchiness to the breadstick, the olive oil makes them even more tasteful and softer.’

From Meet Piemonte

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