Fig and Almonds Preserve 250g – Masseria Mirogallo


INGREDIENTS: Fig pulp (73%) , sugar, almonds (6%), lemon juice.

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Fig and Almonds Preserve 250g – Masseria Mirogallo

INGREDIENTS: Fig pulp (73%) , sugar, almonds (6%), lemon juice.

A lot of fruit, real fruit, low sugar added: these are the only ingredients of our jams and marmalades.
No coloring and preservative is used.
The fruit grown and harvested by us is processed in the company laboratory through a simple and natural method of processing, in full compliance with the seasonal cycles and entirely made by hand in the whole production process.

Fig and Almonds Preserve is ideal with cheeses or spread on top of fette biscottate.


In the countryside of Matera, city recognized by the UNESCO as “World Heritage” for the extraordinary nature of the ancient Sassi, within the “Park of the Rupestrian Churches”, lies this farm.
From this city’s century-old history and their passion comes the desire to preserve the fruits of Lucania, handing down the local country flavors and traditions.
In 1998 was realized the company laboratory,where skillful hands and ancient recipes meet.

Prior the taste of cultivating: vegetables and fruit intended to processing are grown directly in their fields. This choice gives them the opportunity to choose the varieties with the best organoleptic features, to search old varieties, to adopt the most appropriate cultivation techniques: everything is done in order to give priority to the quality of the final product instead of the quantity.

The taste of preserving: in the heart of the farm, a few hundred meters far from the fields, the processing takes place in their laboratory: vegetables and fruit freshly harvested and placed in boxes, are sent to the laboratory so that the processing can start, in some cases, after few minutes from the moment in which they are picked from the plant.
The processing of every single product of the company is based on few but important strategic choises: only seasonal raw material

Harvested at the right stage of ripening, the vegetables are selected, cut in fillets or into pieces, seared or left to macerate in acidulated solution, finally placed in the jar and flavored by the prolonged maturation in extra virgin olive oil.
Thus prepared from fresh, our pickles keep intact all the original nutritional intake: the flavor, the aroma and the taste remember the pickles home-made following the ancient Mediterranean traditions.

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