Coffee Moka Brazil Cerrado Dulce Single-origin 250g


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Coffee Moka Brazil Cerrado Dulce Single-origin 250g

The Coffee for Moka Brazil Cerrado Dulce is a South American single-origin coffee enriched by the ancient roasting of Ronchese still made on fire.

A perfect coffee to enjoy in the morning along with your breakfast.

The characteristics of this Brazilian coffee are:

Very pasty body, good amiability with notes of malt, cocoa and chocolate, in the aftertaste veins of cereals and toasted peanuts.

The roasting made by the Percivale family in the wood roaster is their trademark that makes every sip special. A Master Toaster takes care of every step of the process: it measures, selects and chooses thanks to the eye, experience and passion. Also the wood used to toast the seeds comes from the local green areas: beech and oak that after twenty minutes give off a scent that inebriates the air.

From the plant to the cup a family story that will involve your senses.

For over fifty years the Roasting Ronchese family Percivale refines this art and as in a Renaissance workshop knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation from teacher to student, thus combining experience and innovation. Today we are in the third generation and are leaders in the distribution of the best blends for Italian espresso.


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