Panettone Milano basso 1kg – B.Langhe


Artisan Panettone Milano basso 1kg – B.Langhe

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Artisan Panettone Milano basso 1kg – B.Langhe

Only something sweet can be a worthy evocation of the unique Christmas spirit and the atmosphere of harmony and sweetness that accompanies the celebration. The Panettone has always taken a leading role at Christmas reunions. Unhurried preparation shapes B.Langhe’s Panettone, as tradition requires. All-natural leavening gives the proper lightness to the dough, enriched with candied peel, sultanas and chocolate drops.

Panettone Milano is the Christmas sweet par excellence: only the best ingredients make it fragrant, tender and delicious. Prepared with patient kneading and natural leavening, without icing but rich in sultanas and candied peel.

About BLanghe; It all began a long time ago, far from the bright lights, in the shelter of an artisans’ laboratory, where the secrets of the art of confectionery are handed down through the generations. These were the seventies, and B.Langhe was a small biscuit manufacturer with a storefront in one of the central streets of
Alba. It was above all tenacity and the will to work, creativity and entrepreneurial courage that led this little workshop to become a very solid company
which exports its products worldwide. That same spirit daily animates the production plant of B.Langhe, nowadays located outside the city centre but still
in Alba, the wine and food heart of the Langhe.

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