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Formaggio delle Fosse Gozzi 300g
Ripened mixed cheese of cow’s and sheep’s milk, obtained by a traditional historic process, straw yellow colour rind, irregular shape, friable texture, intense smell, characteristic and pungent taste.
Formaggio delle Fosse Gozzi cheese originates from an ancient tradition dating back to the Malatesta era. At that time, deep pits were dug into the tufa rock of the Sogliano area, and were used to store the food necessary for the survival of the family. As chance would have it, some cheeses, preserved and forgotten, started the tradition of ageing pits. We still hand down this ancient technique today, which gives rise to a pecorino cheese with a strong aroma and smooth flavour, with pungent notes, excellent when used at the end of a meal and flaked in many recipes.
  • surface: thin, moist, ivory-white rind
  • side of rind: characteristic, strongly irregular
  • texture: chalky and compact
  • colour: ivory white
  • aroma: intense and persistent with hints of mould and undergrowth
  • flavour: savoury and smooth, with pungent notes

Wine pairing: Full-bodied red wines: Amarone di Valpolicella, Brunello di Montalcino

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s MILK, selected milk ezymes, rennet and salt

About L’Antica Cascina Caseificio: the dairy factory is located in Forlì, Emilia Romagna: the homeland of good food. Since the 90’s they have been producing cheeses made of sheep’s and cow’s milk: fresh, matured and ripened with several techniques that we have perfected over time.

The master cheesemakers still work as tradition would have it, closely watching the natural maturation of our products, to create more and more unique new flavours.

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