Capretto sardo – Azienda Pinna (500g)


Capretto sardo – Azienda Pinna (500g)

A goat’s milk cheese produced only with milk that comes from the Sardinian pastures. It is a small form, just 500 grams, round, with the rounded side typical of traditional Sardinian cheeses. It is the perfect size to bring the whole caciotta to the table and slice it on the spot, preserving all the flavor and appreciating the scent of the first cut. The rind is smooth, straw yellow has a waxed appearance because it is treated on the surface with a preservative that prevents mold.

Capretto is a soft cheese. The paste is smooth, white, with few holes. It is tender, consistent, creamy in the mouth, with a delicate, fresh flavor. It can be enjoyed on its own and is very good for making sandwiches, accompanying all kinds of bread, cold cuts, salads, and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients: pasteurized goat’s milk, salt (n.q. salted by wet way), rennet (<1%)

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