Caciocchiato cheese Lo Conte (300g*)


Caciocchiato cheese Lo Conte

Produced by the Lo Conte Superlatticini Dairy in Ariano Irpino (AV). The name of this cheese derives from its internal conformation which is rich in small holes called “eyes” from which “cacio occhiato” then transformed into “Caciocchiato”. It is a semi-hard stretched curd cheese, produced with local whole cow’s milk, with an oval shape similar to watermelon (the mold is a registered trademark). It has a thin, smooth rind with a marked straw yellow color and a homogeneous, compact paste, with marked holes inside. The flavor is intense but delicate and becomes spicy as it ages. Given the delicate processing, it is a unique product of its kind, many have tried to imitate it, but none have succeeded in doing so.

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