Buffalo Mozzarella P.D.O. 250g – Caseificio Jemma Battipaglia


Buffalo mozzarella 250g – Caseificio Jemma

Mozzarella di Bufala Battipaglia

Artisan handmade buffalo mozzarella produced using high quality raw milk from buffaloes fed with fresh fodder Salerno area.

Buffalo mozzarella is perfect served just as it is, with some good sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

Ingredients: Buffalo milk, salt, rennet.

Caseificio Jemma breeds Italian Mediterranean buffaloes with great care for animal welfare pays particular attention to the correct diet by means of fresh, tarnished and ensiled fodder produced exclusively on the farm land.

This guarantees to have high quality buffalo milk available, indispensable for producing excellent Campania buffalo mozzarella.

For all products they only use their milk that comes a few hours after milking from the farm.

The fresh milk collected is delivered and processed at the farm within 12 hours of milking, so that the material “raw” is processed without receiving any heat treatment that could alter its organoleptic characteristics.

The electricity needed to power the machinery, both in the farm and in the cheese factory, during the hours of solar radiation, is guaranteed by photovoltaic systems.

HOW TO PRESERVE: It is a fresh cheese with spun dough, but it should not be stored in the fridge except during the hottest days. Infact the cold alters its scent, taste and texture.

The producer recommends to keep the product at room temperature closed in the package with its liquid cabinet. In cold periods, you can dip the bag in hot water to enhance the properties of mozzarella.

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