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Aged 4 Peppers Pecorino cheese

Made with sheep’s milk pasteurised at 72° C, cooling at 32°-35° C.

Cheese cultures and 4 type of peppers are added and mixture is left to ferment, after which rennet is added and the mixture coagulates.

It is aged for over 100 days  in virgin fir crates in order to give the final aroma.

Organoleptic characteristics:

The colour of the cheese varies from white to pale yellow and pinstripe. It crumbles slightly when cut.

The taste of four different kinds of pepper gives a rich and unique flavour of freshly ground pepper

It is the perfect cheese for your antipasti board.

Our wine pairing suggestion: 100% Fiano

About Romagna Terre:

‘Since 1985 our philosophy is always the same: constant research, limited production, maximum quality and total control of the product.

The total love for our land and the constant research of raw materials has allowed us in these long years to earn the trust and esteem of the best professionals in the sector both national and international.

The limited availability of each product represents the quality and refinement to satisfy the trust of our admirers and the most refined palates of those seeking excellence.’

It is a magical place where quality raw materials are transformed into true works of art.
The cheeses are kept for a long time in boxes of virgin beech, where fragrant flowers and spices keep the crusts soft and give unique fragrances to the cheeses

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