Gentilini Fette Biscottate 185g


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Gentilini Fette Biscottate 185g

Quality and tradition are embraced together to give life to exclusive and special products such as the rusks. The golden colour, the consistence of each slice, the delicious aroma, its friability and crispy texture makes them unique.

These fette biscottate are perfect for your breakfast with chocolate spread or with natural jam


Wheat flour 69.0%, Sugar, Butter, Yeast, Dextrose, Honey 2.0%, Malted wheat flour, Salt, Whole milk powder, Artificial flavors.
May contain: eggs, soy and hazelnuts.

Handicraft as an ability, capacity and skill

The art of defending the virtuous co-existence between advanced industrial processes and craftsmanship.

Like the rusks which, respecting the oldest artisan processes, require over 10 hours work to be so good, thick and golden.

The best products are created combining the best ingredients with real passion and the experience that only centuries of dedication can give. And this is why Gentilini only select the highest quality raw materials and transform them into the best biscuits.

100% Italian grain

Following attentive and in-depth research, they decided to only use soft wheat flour and spelt flour in their products.

Italian flour not only means ground in Italy, but the entire process starting from selection of the best grains, sowing, harvesting up to milling, strictly takes place in Italy.

Prepared with fresh Italian milk and cream

The fresh milk used is Italian, not only for the transformation process that takes place in Italy, but because the farms are all Italian.

Furthermore, the suppliers must have obtained certification of the well-being of the animal on the farm, meaning respect for the physiological and ethological needs of the animals. The cream used is also strictly Italian and pasteurised once only.

The eggs are class A only that guarantees the absence of impurities and higher organoleptic quality.

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