Grappa Stravecchia – San Leonardo (0,5cl) Trentino-Alto Adige

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The San Leonardo Grappa, produced in very small lots
from the pomace of the estate vineyards, is distilled in directsteam, single-patch pot stills.
This extra-aged grappa spends a full five years in oak barrels
that were previously used for maturing the famous San
Leonardo, which gives Grappa Stravecchia its depth and
superior elegance.
Distillation: After the pomace is lightly pressed, it is
immediately distilled in a classic steam-operated pot still.
Sensory profile | This grappa appears a classic amber-gold.
Full-volumed, fragrant, and as refined as it is elegant, Grappa
Stravecchia is a sublime spirit with inimitable sensory
Alcohol: Grappa Stravecchia 45%vol.
Sizes: 2 l.

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