Did you know that 17% of all available food in the world is wasted?
Aiming to reduce food waste, dried and fresh produce that is approaching its expiry date will be reduced up to 75%.
Join the fight against food waste and make a difference to the planet.

  • White Scamorza 300g – Best Before 18/08

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  • Organic Fregola (500g) – Tanda e Spada Best Before 20/09

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  • Linguine – Pastificio di Martino Gragnano pasta (500g) – Best Before 11/09/22

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  • Organic Grilled White Asparagus, Nonno Andrea 500g (removing from the catalogue)

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  • Organic Small Salame Milano 160g – Best Before 24/08

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  • Sweet mixed truffle (140g)

    £6.50 Inc. VAT
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