Orecchiette with Cime di Rapa

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Orecchiette with Cime di Rapa

Orecchiette with cime di rapa or turnip tops is one of the most popular pasta dishes from the Italian region of Apulia. This kind of pasta has a perfect shape for scooping up the cime di rapa.

If you prefer to prepare homemade orecchiette, they are easy to prepare, with two simple ingredients: water and durum wheat semolina flour.

Serves 4 people



Boil some water in a pot, large enough to contain pasta and turnip tops. In the meantime, wash the Cime di Rapa selecting the top and dividing the larger ones with a knife.

Once the water is boiling, dips the turnip tops and Orecchiette togheter, add salt and cook for the time indicated on the Orecchiette pack.

Brown the garlic with extra virgin olive oil in a large pan and then add the anchovies (already diveded in small pieces) making them almost melt.

Once the Orecchiette are ready, drain them together with cime di rapa and add them to the pan with garlic and anchovies. Sauté over high heat and add some chilli pepper.

Buon Appetito 😉