Linguine with basil pesto, potatoes and green beans

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Linguine with basil pesto, potatoes and green beans

The history of pasta with pesto does not have ancient origins, in fact dates back to the nineteenth century.

While both Venice and Genoa were the great suppliers of spices from the East, the Venetians consumed them, while the Genovese prefered to sell them to others. The sailors’ yearning for the freshness of herbs instead of for dried spices probably explains the cult of basil in Liguria and its most famous dish, PESTO.

The word basilico has Greek origin and means royal herb, moreover in antiquity the plant was considered sacred.

The traditional recipe calls for green beans and potatoes in addition to pesto.


  • 400g Linguine
  • 250g Potatoes
  • 200g Green beans
  • 150g Basil pesto
  • Salt to taste
  • Parmigiano to taste


Boil some water in a big pot, in the meantime peeled and diced potatoes and add into the water with salt. Wash and clean the green beans, cut them in half and add them to the potatoes in the pot.

Cook the vegetables for another 2 minutes, then add the linguine or other kind pasta (Trofie or Croxetti are also perfect) to the vegetables and cook together.

Once the pasta is al dente, drain it and add pesto and parmigiano.

Buon appetito 🙂

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