Cauliflower croquettes with horseradish mayonnaise and fresh Pinzimonio

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Cauliflower croquettes with horseradish mayonnaise and fresh Pinzimonio


steamed cauliflower
half leek
1 cup steamed basmati rice
chickpea flour
herbs ( parsley, mint or rosemary)
pinch of pepper
sunflower oil to fry

raw vegetables: baby spinach or salad leaves, carrots, strawberries, asparagus or carrots.

soya milk
lemon juice
mustard (optional)
horseradish or ginger or beetroot or wasabi


Croquette method
Dice the leek and stir fry it on low heat.
Mix cooked cauliflower, streamed rice and stir fried leek in a bowl. Add 4 tbs of chickpea flour, or enough to make the mixture firm enough to create croquettes.
Add salt, pepper, parsley (or herbs to your taste). Roll the mix into croquettes and cover them in breadcrumbs.
Deep fry them in hot sunflower oil.
Lay the croquettes on kitchen towel to absorb excess oil

Mayo method
Pour soya milk in a beaker, add salt, lemon and mustard. Mix with a handblender to incorporate air with a movement from top to bottom. Pour oil and continue blending until the mayo is thick enough. Grate fresh horseradish and mix it into the mayo.

Garnish croquettes with raw vegetables, horseradish mayo dip. Enjoy!

Recipe from @Nicolettamatrone

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