Carciofo alla Giudia

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Carciofo alla Giudia

Here is one of the cornerstones of typical Roman cuisine. Delight of the customers of the most famous taverns and restaurants especially in the Rome’s Jewish ghetto.

Carciofo alla Giudia usually precedes the difficult choice between Carbonara, Gricia and Amatriciana.

The leaves come off by hand and are crunchy just like chips.


  • 4 big artichokes
  • Sunflowers oil
  • Salt to taste

To prepare these Jewish Artichokes, start to clean the artichokes.
Cut the final part of the stem, the harder one and then, using a small knife, remove the most leathery outer part of the stem.
Remove the outer leaves until they reach those that have a lighter color at the base

To open the leaves well beat the artichoke on a cutting board holding it by the stem without pressing too hard not to break the leaves.

Heat some sunflowers oil in a saucepan, the amount sufficient for only the head of the artichokes to be immersed. Then dip the first artichoke.

Take the cooking tongs and while the artichoke is frying, press the artichoke as you go on the bottom taking it for the stem. It will take about 6/7 – minutes of cooking.

In this way the flower will keep its shape.
Towards the end of cooking turn it on the side to allow the stem to cook 

Once cooked, drain and let cool upside down on a plate covered with absorbent paper,  then open the leaves like flowers

Then immerse them again in boiling oil for a couple of minutes holding each artichoke for the stem and with the part of the leaves facing down

Finally drain them well. Then open them again if necessary and arrange this time upside up in a plate covered with paper.

At the end, season with salt and enjoy your Carciofo alla Giudia

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