Cantaloupe Sorbet

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Cantaloupe Sorbet

Cantaloupe Sorbet

Serves: 4/6 people


  • 500g Cantaloupe pulp
  • 180g sugar (if the fruit is very sweet, 140g)
  • 200ml of water


To prepare the sorbet, start by putting in the freezer to cool a tray, preferably steel. In a saucepan mix the water with the sugar and place it on low heat, stirring until the sugar has completely melted. Let the syrup get cold.

Peel the melon and remove all the seeds. Cut the pulp and put it in a mixer or a blender. Blend for two or three minutes, until a homogeneous puree is obtained. Put it in the fridge to cool well, then add the syrup. Stir carefully and pour the mixture into the tray.

Cover with a lid or a sheet of foil and place in the freezer. After half an hour, remove the tray from the freezer and mix thoroughly. Melon sorbet will still be very liquid. Repeat the mixing operation another 5-6 times, every 30 mins.

Slowly the melon sorbet will start to freeze and you will have to break off the ice crystals that it will form. At the end you will obtain a soft and creamy mixture. Let it rest for one night.

Before serving the sorbet, leave it at room temperature for about 5 minutes.