Bruschetta with Cured ham and Figs

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Bruschetta with Cured ham and Figs

This bruschetta with figs and cured ham is a perfect aperitif to serve with a good glass of wine.

This is a delicious dish and simple to prepare, a simple but refined appetizer to impress friends!


Start toasting the bread, put aside and start with the cheese cream.

Rinse the chives and chop finely. Add it in a bowl with Robiola and mix well the ingredients.

Season with salt and pepper and set aside. Proceed with the preparation of figs: rinse, cut in half and each half in three parts.

Now it’s time to assemble the bruschetta. Get a slice of bread, spread over the cream of robiola and chives. Add 2 sliced of cured ham and the figs. When it is ready add the honey on top.

Your bruschetta with figs and ham is now ready to be served.

Instead of robiola, you can use the creamy cheese you prefer, such as ricotta or goat cheese with a more intense and sour taste. Another variation: brush the figs with honey and grill them.

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